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When you’re on the cutting edge of technology, the wolves are chomping at the bit for someone to get hurt by your products. Being a mover and shaker in tech or any industry can paint a target on your back because you may be new to the game, challenging the status quo, and offering people new ways of living life. There’s always a risk when you create something new, but you shouldn’t have to be held 100% liable for misuse or abuse of your products.

Wcislo Law Group, PLLC can help innovative companies producing groundbreaking products defend against claims that their products are dangerous, defective, or even fraudulent. Our product liability attorney in Dallas will work with you to understand your situation and craft a unique strategy to work toward the best possible outcome and help you meet your legal goals.

How Can We Help?

At Wcislo Law Group, PLLC, our attorney can help your company litigate matters concerning its liability for something that happened with a product you designed or manufactured. If you’re facing a personal injury claim, wrongful death lawsuit, class action lawsuit, or other legal action against your company concerning a product, we may be able to help.

Our product liability attorney in Dallas concentrates his practice on providing proactive and creative legal solutions for companies that advance consumer products. Every day, more and more products are coming online that operate autonomously or use artificial intelligence.

While these marvels can herald growth in our understanding and application of new technologies, accidents, misuse, or abuse of these products can stop your company’s progress in its tracks. If you need representation to protect your liability for a product you’re responsible for, reach out to Wcislo Law Group, PLLC for help.

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