Shareholder Derivative Suits

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Holding Corporate Boards and Officers Accountable

If you’re a shareholder of a company, you may be one voice of a few or even hundreds of thousands involved in a corporation. In any case, you and your fellow investors likely elected a corporation’s board of directors to manage the company’s interests and select its chief officers.

Shareholders place a lot of trust and investment in these people, which is why it’s important that they can find legal recourse should these entrusted people act out of accord with the law or in their self-interest. Wcislo Law Group, PLLC can help investors hold corporate board members and officers accountable for a variety of conduct.

What is a Shareholder Derivative Suit?

A shareholder derivative suit is a lawsuit by a shareholder on behalf of a corporation. It’s used in the event where a company’s board of directors or officers will not try to pursue legal action themselves. An example is where another member of the board is harming the company, but the directors do not wish to sue themselves. Though typically shareholders don’t have much say in what happens in the company’s day-to-day, in these circumstances they are allowed to file a lawsuit.

Investors might want to legally intervene if corporate board members or officers are engaging in:

  • Wrongful Sale of Corporate Control
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Fraudulent Behavior

These are just a few of the common grounds that a shareholder derivative suits attorney in Dallas can cite to help investors. If a corporate official is taking advantage of investors’ assets for personal gain, reach out to Wcislo Law Group, PLLC for help.

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