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Although non-compete agreements are intended to protect the rights and intellectual properties of companies, they are usually drafted at the expense of the employee’s rights. At Wcislo Law Group, we represent clients in Dallas who want to address serious issues with non-compete agreements they have signed with employers.

Employers throughout the state of Texas commonly use non-compete agreements when hiring and promoting employees. The laws that employers can use to enforce non-compete agreements are not only complex, but constantly changing as well.

Have questions regarding a non-compete agreement that you have with your employer? Please meet with our Dallas non-compete agreement attorney so we can discuss your employment rights.

What Is a Non-Compete Agreement?

Non-compete agreements prevent employees from using the skills and knowledge acquired from a company. Employees are limited for a specified period of time after the employment relationship has ended.

Under the terms of this type of agreement, the employee is usually prohibited from competing against the employer or working for a business competitor. These agreements are intended to protect trade secrets and other information.

How Do Courts Decide if a Non-Compete Agreement Is Enforceable?

Employers usually slip non-compete clauses into their employee contracts. Although you may have signed a non-compete agreement, the clauses aren’t always enforceable in certain situations. Courts look at the following factors to determine if a non-compete agreement is enforceable:

  • The amount of time the employee is prohibited from competing against the employer
  • The geographic limitation where an employee can’t compete against the employer
  • The range of employment positions that are covered under the terms of the agreement
  • If the agreement was entered into as part of an otherwise enforceable agreement

Courts can also choose to modify the terms of a non-compete agreement if they decide it is overly broad.

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